Najaarsshow Hoenderloo 2023 159 MB

                                                                                                                                 Foto: Pieternella Vogel  
  Najaarsshow Hoenderloo 15 oktober 2023  
  Keurmeester: Åsa Cederlund  
  BOB: Ramchaine Arabesque  
  BOS: Cool At Skool v.d. Beerse Hoeve  
Beste Baby Ramchaine Little Darling  
Beste Puppy Tanishtagh Champagne For The Lady  
Beste Jeugd Londonite About A Girl  
Beste Veteraan Cool At Skool v.d. Beerse Hoeve  
Reuen Babyklas (2)    
1 VB Fabray La Tanza  
2 VB Melgowd El Magnifico  
Reuen Puppyklas (4)    
1 VB Sanguinisch Snapdragon  
2 VB Magical Maëstro Hogmanay  
3 B Tanishtagh Crash Boom Bang  
4 B Bentivar White Birch  
Reuen Jeugdklas (3)    
1 U Finley of the Morning Valley  
2 U Tallies Tale About Lovin’ You  
3 ZG Perfect Passion Autumn Harvest Pie  
Reuen Tussenklas (3)    
1 U Serendipity of the Morning Valley  
2 ZG Glittering Prize Oriental Vertiver  
3 ZG Irruma Late Love On The Run  
Reuen Jachtklas (1)    
1 U Only Devotion Fluffy Candyfloss  
Reuen Openklas (11)    
1 U Stenli Zest Star’s Fair  
2 U Sanguinisch Spellbound  
3 U Crazy In Love of Picaboo Street  
4 U Golden Supreme Easy Acces  
U Dewmist Troubadour  
U Peter Pan from the Golden Globe  
ZG Phlox from the Sanpowro  
ZG Aglala Paramundis Elliot-Willow  
ZG Xanthous Suspicious Minds  
ABS Straight Abigold Louis For Ever  
ABS Poptemple of the Hellacious Acres  
Reuen Veteranenklas (4)    
1 U Cool At Skool v.d. Beerse Hoeve  
2 U Magavin of the Morning Valley  
3 U Messano Yin Or Yang  
4 U Eyebright at Moloko Hogmanay  
Teven Babyklas (6)    
1 VB Ramchaine Little Darling  
2 VB Bright Maple Leaf of Lucky’s Golden Fellows  
3 VB Melgowd Ad Maiora Semper  
4 VB Only Devotion Moemoea O Te Ata  
B Eleonora from Glieks Home  
B Only Devotion Karakie Tino  
Teven Puppyklas (5)    
1 VB Tanishtagh Champagne For The Lady  
2 VB Valentine Heart v.d. Tender Bende  
3 VB Tanishtagh Catwalk Queen  
4 VB Tanishtagh Spotlights On Me  
B House of Layla We Will Rock You  
Teven Jeugdklas (6)    
1 U Londonite About A Girl  
2 U Tanishtagh Final Edition  
3 U Arrowsflight Whoopi Goldberg  
4 U Ramchaine Too Flirty  
U Red Riding Hood v.d. Tender Bende  
ZG Rapunzel v.d. Tender Bende  
ABS Chairoezan’s Relight My Fire  
Teven Tussenklas (6)    
1 U Ramchaine Arabesque  
2 U Glittering Prize Orris Mimosa  
3 U A Magical Hazelnut of Lucky’s Golden Fellows  
4 U Glittering Prize Precious Amber  
ZG Zevev Bashful from Glieks Home  
ZG In No Time from Golden Millennium  
Teven Jachtklas (1)    
1 ZG Cheek To Cheek Ordinary Love  
Teven Openklas (12)    
1 U Rocksett Tickle Toe Jazz  
2 U Ramchaine Angeline Jolie  
3 U Arrowsflight Christmas Eve  
4 U Tanishtagh Muppets Most Wanted  
U Ramchaine Starburst  
U Love Of My Life of Picaboo Street  
U Sugar Baby Love of Picaboo Street  
ZG De Goldenhoeve Emmie  
DISK Melgowd Can’t Be Tamed  
ABS Sweetest Devotion of Morning Dream  
ABS Gwennaelle Camian’s  
ABS Fields of Gold Rose Alexandrie  
Teven Veteranenklas (5)    
1 U Miss Hubba Bubba Hidden In The Woods  
2 U Tanishtagh Keep On Walking  
3 U One And Only of Morning Dream  
4 ZG Eve’s Kiss from the Dutch Coast  
ZG Tanishtagh This Is My Life